Long Island Acupuncture
& Oriental Medicine

For Yourself Holistic Rejuvenation Center, is Long Island's premier center for treatment according to the principles and philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, and Herbal Medicine. Guidance on Eastern Nutrition and Herbal recommendations may be prescribed, in order to achieve the balance needed to restore and maintain wellness.

Many Western diagnoses are treated with medications that are very toxic to the body. These same diseases  can be treated with acupuncture and herbal therapy with no dangerous side effects that many of these drugs bring along with their use. Conditions such as arthritis, pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), headaches, sinus problems, infertility,  sciatica, insomnia, carpal tunnel just to name a few, can be treated very successfully with acupuncture, and with the addition of herbs in some cases.

In recent years the affects of acupuncture in restoring a more youthful appearance have become more well known and appreciated. At For Yourself Holistic Rejuvenation Center, cosmetic acupuncture is offered for those that wish a less invasive method of achieving and maintaining a more youthful appearance. By softening deep brow lines, and reducing or eliminating lip lines, and "crow's feet", you can look and feel younger... For more information, you can call the Center for a free consultation.

My clinical skills as a Registered Nurse for over 16 years allow me to do a full medical assessment, and if need be, refer to a Medical doctor any condition that warrants  more of a medical intervention. I will combine my knowledge and skills as a Registered Nurse, with my understanding and appreciation of the Eastern Healing methods and philosophies, to help you bring yourself back in balance with the healing art that treats both mind and body.
For Yourself